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At Henry’s Painting & Contracting, we're more than just expert painters . Over the years, we've evolved our services to meet the diverse needs of Eastern IA residents. Porch building, a natural extension of our craftsmanship, is a service we’re exceptionally proud to offer. Our skilled designers and contractors come together to create porches that are functional, beautiful, and durable.
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Perfectly Designed to Compliment Your Home

Porches can add lots of enjoyment and value to your home. That is why at Henry's Painting & Contracting, we work with you to design a patio that compliments your home and outdoor living needs. We work with you to design and build a functional porch that adds enjoyment to your outdoor living space and works as a part of your home, not just an add-on. Whether it is an open porch or detached porch, wood floor or Brazilian hardwood or PVC floor we will walk you through the many options and their benefits and then help you decide what will work and look best for your home.
If you want to add a porch in combination with a deck or patio, we can help ensure all of your outdoor living structures flow together and help you maximize your outdoor living space.

Why Choose Henry’s for Your Porch Construction Needs

When it comes to adding value and aesthetic appeal to your property, a professionally constructed porch can make all the difference. Our local presence means we understand the Eastern IA climate, ensuring your porch stands strong against the elements. Moreover, our combined expertise in painting and construction ensures that your porch is not only sturdy but also seamlessly integrates with the rest of your property.
Curb Appeal
Additional Living Space
Desirability in the Real Estate Market
Improved Home Functionality
Energy Efficiency
Cost vs. Return

Steps to Your Dream Porch with Henry's

Henry's offers a comprehensive process to bring your dream porch to life. It begins with a personalized consultation where expert designers meticulously craft a blueprint tailored to your preferences, whether you desire a cozy retreat or an elegant entertainment space. Your satisfaction is paramount, and adjustments are welcomed during the approval stage to ensure the final design exceeds expectations.
Our designers will draft a blueprint tailored to your preferences.
Review and approve the final design.
Watch as our contractors bring your vision to life.
Final Touch
Our painters add the finishing touches, making your porch stand out.

Walk through with our team to ensure everything is perfect.

Things to consider


  • Purpose & Use
    • How Will The Porch be Used? Entertaining, relaxing, dining.
    • Desired Level of Privacy: Open, screened, enclosed
  • Design & Style
    • Matching the porch style to your home’s architecture: Traditional, modern, craftsman.
    • Material options: Wood, composite, vinyl, concrete?
  • Functionality & Features
    • Size & layout: sufficient space for furniture and traffic flow
    • Accessibility: Stairs, ramps, railings? Consider user needs
    • Storage options: Built-in benches, storage etc. Maximize functionality
  • Permits & Regulations
    • Checking local building codes and zoning restrictions, ensuring compliance
    • Obtaining necessary permits before construction begins avoiding delays and penalties
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